Proactive Sales Coach Troubleshooting

I cannot download the zip file:

The most likely cause of this is a block from your firewall. The download page is SSL secured and the Zip file itself is certified to contain virus-free contents. The Zip file contains the Excel app as an executable and some .pdf documents. Once unpacked, the Excel-based PSC is also digitally signed; however, some firewalls or anti-virus packages may result in a blockage. It is easiest to disable the firewall temporarily, do the download and then switch the firewall on again.

I opened the PSC but it has hung:

If you have previously opened the PSC with no problems, then the most likely cause is that Excel was already open when you clicked on the PSC icon. Simply shut down Excel using Task Manager, then open the PSC first and then open any other Excel files you want to use concurrently.

I have downloaded PSC but I cannot get it to open:

If you have not enabled signed macros in Excel prior to starting PSC, it will not work. See the Installation guide for detailed notes on how to do this. Note that the PSC has a digital signature so there is no need to enable unsigned macros, and this is not recommended.

I want to send an Opportunity File to a colleague – where are they filed?

The default directory is under /users/public on your hard drive. This may be under C: or D: – depending on your set-up. What it will be called depends on your version of PSC but it will be in the format PSCxxxvxx. Inside this, you will find each opportunity profile, named as you have selected, as an ecncrypted Excel file (xxx.xlse). You can email this to anyone who has a licence to the same version of PSC.

We have set up a shared space for our Opportunities – but I am told I cannot open a file, why?

Once you set up a shared space for team management of Opportunities, each opportunity file is checked out to an individual, and is then locked until it is closed again, to prevent multiple concurrent changes. Depending on your setup, it may or may not tell you who is using the file. As soon as it is closed and checked back in, you will be able to open it.

I want to put extracts from PSC into a word report, an email or a Powerpoint deck, but it looks wrong when I pasted it, why?

PSC requires Excel to do some stuff it isn’t usually used for, which means that a standard “Copy-Paste” does not give the right result. Select your area to copy, do “Copy” (on the Home menu), and select the down arrow on “Paste”, and choose the “Paste as image” icon ( ).

When I have run PSC, my recent directories addressed is still there but my recent files is empty. Is this due to PSC?

Yes, unfortunately this is an artefact of the Excel licensing software used, I have raised it and they have promised to look into it. Until then, unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done about it.

I have received a PSC Opportunity file and tried to read it from my (trial) PSC, but it doesn’t work. Why?

It is most likely that it is a different version of PSC. There are three versions, PSCLite, PSCStd and PSCPro. Each version can only open files from the same version of PSC. They are designed to look similar, but they are different “under the hood” and are not compatible. Check which version it is with the sender, and then download the same version as a trial. If you only need to read a file for a short period, you can have all three trial versions on your laptop.

I can’t save an Opportunity file. Why not?

If you accepted the default name for an opportunity when you clicked “New”, this then defaults to a combination of the PSC version mnemonic and the date. Therefore, if you (or any other user on a shared drive), opens a new opportunity with a default file name, and tries to save it, on one day, it will not allow over-writes.

My trial licence has run out, and I have tried to download another version, but it won’t let me open it. What do I do?

The Licence wrapper used by PSC will give you the 10, 15, or 30 days unlimited use from the first time you open the file. Doing multiple downloads of the software will not re-set this clock. If you like what you see and you recognize that you will probably recover the cost of the PSC licence on your first project, which is how it is priced, then get a licence and it is yours to use for as long as you want – no monthly charges!

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