Securing business is not a comfortable place for many engineers. We can make it easy for you. Engineering something and seeing it go from unclear concept to a solid reality is one of the most satisfying activities. engineeringAll too often, the next stage – turning it into a business success – demands different skills that can sometimes put the business founders out of their comfort zone. At No2ndPrize, we understand this very well and we can help your team turn themselves into confident and competent businesses winners; in reality, securing new work is not so different to engineering new products. There are processes that mitigate risk; there is always value in better information; there are quite simple guidelines that have a significant positive impact on eventual success, and of course there are uncertainties to manage (customers don’t always behave logically).

We understand engineering – and we understand the way engineers work. After spending many years working together with engineers to ensure the right products are designed, always with a clear mind to commercialization, we know how to motivate and align people – and how to help your engineers and operational people overcome what is often an un-stated sense of concern when asked to do client-facing activities.

As with everything we do at No2ndPrize, we have stripped back to what really matters – whatever will bring the biggest impact for the time invested. And we have split the whole, rather amorphous task into discrete building blocks, that are separate but work together. You probably won’t need all of them to win, though!

These are:

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Pareto Approach

The famous 80/20 rule applied to business – where 80% of the value is achieved by 20% of the effort – drives everything we do. We know that only the largest companies can afford to experiment to find that elusive vital 20%. So, we’ve taken our experience and done it for you. The concepts here are the bits that make the difference – a career in B2B sales and marketing confirms this. If it still looks a bit too much, then we can help you to take what really matters for your business. 

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